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Vogue interview with Zoe about her designs for 'Inside Pussy Riot' at the Saatchi Gallery.


Zoe Koperski works as a production designer for commercials, immersive events and international films. 

Today, her background in psychology, tied with an intimate approach that offers a wealth of emotions to the viewer, means that she is a much sought after designer and consultant.

Zoe has given workshops on production design at the Young Vic Theatre and designed videos for Netflix and Sean Paul, and brands like Barbour, LG and Sky. She has designed an escape room for the new James Bond book and designed an immersive piece taking over two galleries at Londons Saatchi Gallery for Pussy Riot.


Nominee | Best Video | BRIT AWARDS | Little Mix ft. Sean Paul 'Hair'

Nominee | Best Video | NME AWARDS | The Libertines 'Heart of the Matter'


Nominee | The Midas Award